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Marketing ... "The science and art of delivering value to satisfy a target market, at a profit."

Are you looking for experienced marketers? Maybe you need to improve your website conversions, are launching a product, have plans to enter a new market, want to expand your customer base or need to review your current marketing spend. We can help with any element of your marketing - offline or online.

Our team can provide you with targeted and relevant marketing advice, as well as help you implement your marketing strategy effectively and efficiently. We also work side-by-side with the etc communications PR team - a unique team dynamic that ensures we are always maximising the effectiveness of your marketing.

How marketing can help your organisation

  • Strategic planning - Having a unified plan for offline and online marketing is essential for optimal results for your brand, and your budget.
  • Brand management - Brand management is how you continuously wrap a story around what you offer to increase competitiveness and build loyalty. Marketing is the means. Brand management is the goal.
  • Digital marketing - 97% of internet users research online before making a significant purchase, making digital marketing a significant channel for brand messages.
  • Social media - With nearly 90% of Kiwis aged 15+ using social media, how you engage with and invest your time in social media is important.
  • Websites - Every users' website experience can have a significant impact on your bottom line and brand perception.
  • List building and email marketing - For almost every website, visitors will come and go. This is a proven way to engage with your audience beyond the website visit.
  • Traditional (offline) media - Traditional media still has its place in today's marketing landscape. Knowing how to integrate it effectively is more crucial than ever.
  • Design - The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. In fact, 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. So, what are you actually saying?

Scroll down to find out more about the ways we help create irresistible marketing experiences that connect with people personally and create the desire to share with others. From the first impression to the last touch point and everything in-between, we can help.

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strategic planning for marketing 02

Strategic planning

We craft goals into clear plans, helping you achieve better marketing outcomes. Having a unified plan is essential for optimal results for your brand and budget.

We develop strategic plans that align with the goals and budgets you have for specific projects or your business as a whole.

Regardless of the marketing channels you use, having a unified plan is essential for optimal results for your brand. 

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brand management

Brand management

A brand is the totality of a customer’s experience. Everything you say and do is crucial to how others regard you.

Brand management, put simply, is the process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so your markets perception, is in line with your business goals. Effective brand management can result in higher sales and have a huge impact on bottom line.

Brand management is how you continuously wrap a story around what you offer to increase competitiveness and build loyalty. Marketing is the means. Brand management is the goal.

Our holistic approach looks collectively at your brand and ensures everything you say and do has a positive impact on the perception people have of your brand.

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digital marketing 2

Digital marketing

It is no longer about just being online. It's about how you are online. 97% of internet users research online before making a significant purchase.

With 60-95% of customers now looking for local businesses online, ignoring online marketing is no longer an option. Our team includes specialists that can strategise, design, build, and manage your digital campaigns, generating you leads, building your marketing lists, and making you sales. We analyse your business and identify digital opportunities alongside your overall marketing strategy (if you have one).

Our team live and breathe digital technologies and understand how to best maximise your online investment.

Did you know

The internet provides a range of measurable and affordable opportunities for advertising. Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising methods, such as AdWords and Facebook, mean you only pay for visits to your site. These techniques allow for incredible levels of targeting, allowing you to maximise every cent of your budget, and know your ROI.

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social media

Social media

Nearly 90% of Kiwis aged 15+ use social media.

We work with Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter daily alongside other channels - utilising advertising technologies available on these platforms to deliver cost effective and measurable marketing for our clients.

Social media in marketing today has increased the importance for brands to build deep, meaningful and lasting relationships with customers and is an important part of brand building, reputation management, lead generation and customer communication. It is constantly changing the way we use the internet. Staying on top of this is a full-time job. Call us to help clear the confusion and frustration around social media, and get results instead.

Did you know

Once you’ve ‘spoken’ with prospects once, you can also keep in touch with them via the Facebook advertising technology. This is called re-marketing. Facebook makes your adverts more relevant for the people who see them, and typically brings real sales leads. We have developed a proven stepped approach to re-marketing which allows you to generate a higher ROI.

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Website Development and Management
Website Development and Management Mobile

Website development and management

The experience of every user on your website can have a significant impact on your bottom line and brand perception.

We work with you to increase the number of people on your site, their behaviour and experience while they are there. We ensure you can keep talking to them after they leave your site and constantly work to increase your online sales or engagement.

From e-commerce websites to simple brochure sites, our in-house team and connections with expert web developers and designers in New Zealand ensure we are delivering the best match and fit for your brand's online communication needs.

Building from scratch? We can manage the build completely for you or work with your chosen team.

Updating your current site? We work across a range of platforms and can help.

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website conversions and optimization

Website conversions and optimisation

Did you know most websites are underperforming?

Most businesses don't continually test and improve their sites, and it is costing them sales.

The headline used on a page alone has increased revenue by as much as 1200% in some cases and the colour of your “take action” button could be costing half your sales.

We work with you to identify the areas for easy quick wins and help put a process in place to ensure ongoing optimisation. This ensures you are enjoying the maximum return on every advertising dollar you spend while getting the edge over your competition.

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list building and email marketing banner 02
list building and email marketing 02

List building and email marketing

The unfortunate truth for almost every website is that most visitors will come and go, never to return.

One of the advantages of building an online presence is the ability to capture many of these visits, and build a list of qualified prospects you can keep talking to.

Email marketing has been shown to provide the highest return on investment of any marketing dollar spent.

We can work with you to set up automated sequences so you can set and forget, or help with your monthly mail out. We also have a team of expert writers that make content creation easy.

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traditional (offline) media

Traditional (offline) media

Print media, radio, TV, brochures, direct mail, outdoor media and so on...

We can design and create traditional marketing collateral for you such as brochures, print advertising, business cards, radio commercials, etc. However, you can expect to enjoy better than traditional results.

Knowing where to put your marketing dollar can be tricky. There are strategic brand associations, reach, platform and audiences to consider amongst many other things. As well as these considerations, with today’s marketing environment, the advertising dollar is often stretched very thin.

This is where our knowledge of these channels alongside the 'integrated marketing' planning approach we take can ensure maximum impact for minimum investment.

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A picture is worth 60,000 words. Literally.

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. In fact, 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. So, what are you saying to your customers?

Visuals can increase brand engagement and message saturation. For that reason, design and visual communication is a vitally important part of the conversation, both on and offline.

As well as Noel and Andy, our in-house designers, we work alongside a range of other designers in New Zealand, all with their own talents and strengths. We can also work with your existing designer if you have one.

Our understanding of consumer behaviour and brand management coupled with these talents, ensure we are achieving maximum impact for your brand through design.

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