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PR... The science and art of managing and influencing the perceptions of your audiences.

Public Relations (PR) has been defined as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their public. When done well, PR can be the difference between success and failure on a project or a brand. It is a way of building goodwill and trust.

The effectiveness of your brand and marketing are greatly reduced on their own; these disciplines need to be supported by PR for optimal results. If an organisation is not perceived as being trustworthy, then even the smartest marketing won’t sell your product or service.

Our PR and marketing teams can work closely together to maximise the effectiveness of your brand.

How our PR team can help your organisation

  • Strategic planning - Our team can review your current business or project plans and goals and craft a PR strategy to support them. We develop SMARTER objectives so success can be measured.
  • Navigating the media world - Let us help you get your key messages out to help build your brand, sell your products, and meet your business goals.
  • Crisis and issue management - Be prepared or be quick to react in the right way when a crisis develops. Let us guide you in managing media, stakeholders, and customers.
  • Stakeholder management and engagement - Projects that include effective stakeholder management at the outset are more likely to be successful when delivered. We can help you understand and meet stakeholder expectations.

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strategic planning for pr 03

Strategic planning

We will craft your company goals into clear plans to achieve better PR or marketing communications.

We will develop strategic communications plans that align to your goals. We can create your organisation’s overarching communications plan, or if you have specific projects that might need internal communications, stakeholder engagement, or media relations we can help. Our plans include SMARTER goals; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound goals that we Evaluate and Readjust, so you can measure the value of each campaign.

Plans may involve both public relations and marketing activities, all of which sit on a foundation philosophy rooted in targeted stakeholder management. Understanding who your public are is crucial to any communication or business success. We help identify your stakeholders and plan for their inclusion in communications activities to reach your business goals.

Plans can be long or short-term depending on the goal and we can prepare plans for and run one-off campaigns.

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navigating the media world

Navigating the media world

When time is critical, and the wording must be perfect, we can help.

Our PR team includes former journalists and experienced media relations specialists who have an excellent track record working with New Zealand media outlets. When you need to get your message out when it matters most, we know how.

Our team has working relationships with national and Nelson media and can help you and your organisation be media ready.

We can:

  • Develop a media plan for your business or project, covering mainstream and trade media
  • Provide media training for your media spokespeople
  • Brief and organise photographers and videographers on photos for media use
  • Write media releases that get printed, and read
  • Monitor and analyse media coverage

Contact us to discuss your media needs.

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crisis and issue management 02

Crisis and issue management

Whether you have a developing crisis or issue to manage now, or you want to be prepared when one might hit, experience and preparation are key. We can help.

The perception of how an issue or crisis was handled has a lasting impression on your public.

When the worst happens, you need to react quickly and intelligently, especially in the age of social media. To handle a crisis well, it is important to be prepared.

Crisis management

Has a crisis already hit or is looming? Call us now on +64 21 190 1533 if you need help. We are available outside of normal business hours.

We can:

  • Advise on timing and deployment of information
  • Work with you to identify what your key stakeholders need to know by when, and the best way to inform them
  • Create a specific media plan and interact with media
  • Write your communications to the board, staff, stakeholders and media
  • Prepare you with Q & As – for stakeholders, customers and media
  • Organise a press conference, if needed
  • Manage social media
  • Manage website updates
  • Provide a media clipping service

Crisis planning

Does your business have a crisis communications plan ready to go? Good planning means in the moment a crisis hits, your response will be swift and well thought through. We can prepare a plan for you based on a range of potential scenarios, or update your plan.

For existing clients, all our PR strategies include risk evaluation and mitigation recommendations to ensure clients are well prepared.

We can:

  • Prepare a crisis communications policy
  • Analyse risk and develop a strategy that integrates with existing business plans and your Risk Register
  • Prepare for key scenarios
  • Draft background content you are likely to need, regardless of the event
  • Conduct media training
  • Update outdated plans

Contact us today to start your crisis preparation.

Our experience

Areas of issue or crisis management where we have provided urgent communications support or preparation for include:

  • Staff embezzlement
  • Loss of funding (local government, central government or grant)
  • Public protests
  • Internal disruption within organisations and boards
  • Business liquidation
  • Product recalls
  • Natural disaster or civil defence emergencies
  • Planning for large-scale events and a number of concurrent events

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with any issue you are facing, or might face.

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stakeholder management and engagement

Stakeholder management and engagement

Do you have a project that will affect a community or large section of the public?

Consider an effective strategy to include affected parties and key stakeholders in the project planning and implementation, carrying them along with you throughout the project.

Taking an inclusive approach will give you a greater chance of success.

We bring to our engagement work an IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, which covers the recommended approaches for community engagement.

Contact us to discuss your public project.

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